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Bubenwosu is a multi-dimensional creative agency offering digital strategy and design services. We simply exist to design, develop and promote successful brand experiences through tested traditional and digital mediums.

We nurture relationships with relevant industry professionals to deliver exceptional brand experiences that turn “a” brand into “the” brand. Exploring new and better ways to provide solutions that aid our client’s sustainable growth.

Our expertise cuts across various industries and our solutions cover Business Process Automation, Brand Strategy & Design, Brand Communication, 2D and 3D Animation, Mobile & Web  Development, and Digital Marketing just to mention a few.

My experience working with Bubenwosu has been great. The team is very easy to work with and always willing to help while also being extremely patient. My working relationship is still on going and so far I have no complaints. They deliver tasks on time, take corrections and deliver final product with no issues. I’d definitely recommend working with them.
Founder, Ziva Lagos
Team Member


Design thinking is a human centered approach to problem solving.

Identify and Define
In our line of work information is everything. So firstly, we’ll dig deep and perform research to better understand you, your needs and your audience.

We use a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods to identify and define insights in human-centric ways.
Ideation and Prototyping
Here we put all the information gathered from our research into work.

Using tested storytelling techniques, we develop visual representations of your brand to create a lasting brand experience for your employees and customers.

Test and Improve
In this phase we rigorously test things out to make sure solutions meet the needs and standards defined in the discovery phase.

By gathering feedback we able to improve on solutions to meet our constantly changing human environment.
I have worked with Bubenwosu for over five years now. They have seen me through the successful launch of three brands and the relaunch of one company. I can't possibly think of a better team to handle a brand development project. The creativity, patience and excellence at what they do. I couldn't think of a better firm to trust with my brand. 
Founder, Omaka by Oma
Team Member


We thrive on trusted partnerships and lasting client relationships - Startups, Corporate Organizations, Visionaries, Artists, Non-Profits.

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