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81% of Internet Users Search Online for a Product or Service Before Patronizing a Business?

Do you Need Digital Marketing Services that convert into Measurable and Profitable results?

We Craft High-Conversion Digital Strategies and Designs for Nigerian Businesses, Even in a Pandemic

We Craft High-Conversion Digital Strategies and Designs for Nigerian Businesses, Even in a Pandemic


Key Benefits of a Stellar Digital Marketing Campaign:

digital marketing services Benefits

Most digital marketing services are cheaper than traditional marketing. If done correctly, the ROI on your digital marketing budget can be huge. One reason for this is focusing marketing efforts in areas where people already spend their time online results in higher-quality leads.

On a global scale, people are becoming more digitally aware and with that comes customer expectations for brands, products, services, and small businesses to have a well executed online presence. While most small businesses in Nigeria are yet to fully adopt digital as an essential business tool, it is best to stay ahead of trends rather than play catch up.

There is no limit to the exposure your business can reach online when you subscribe to any of our digital marketing services. The best part of this is that it costs only a little fraction of what a traditional marketing campaign will cost for the same or lesser results.

Results are much more trackable in digital than traditional marketing, this is due to the fact that many analytics tools now exist for different levels of your marketing campaign. Tools like Google Analytics, Search Console, Facebook Insights, CRM insights from platforms like Hubspot and Mailchimp.

One of the reasons digital marketing does so well for both large and small businesses is the fact that you can use targeting to deliver the user’s a personalized experience based on their interests and location. For instance, you can focus your search engine marketing to target users located or interested in Nigeria. 

One big reward of getting really creative with your content is the possibility of viral sharing by social media users, thereby bringing in more brand exposure and sales to your business for FREE. We also see a lot of this with brand sponsored social media challenges.

Some Digital Marketing Services That We Deliver EXCEPTIONALLY:

digital marketing services

Email is a necessary tool to attract, convert, and retain customers. Email marketing is 40x more effective than social media, according to a 2014 McKinsey report on Marketing and Sales. In addition, email generates an average $38 for every $1 you spend if executed well.

Search engine marketing refers to paid and organic search marketing, a system where businesses boost their presence on search engine result pages (SERP) through Sear Engine Ads (paid) and Search Engine Optimization (organic) tactics.

The art of storytelling will never become obsolete. The medium in which stories are told and shared may change over time, but compelling stories will always be at the heart of successful brand building and marketing. We adopt design thinking methodologies to craft and deliver compelling brand stories in static (jpeg, png, etc), animated (2D and 3D) and interactive digital formats. We deploy these assets across the various digital marketing services we provide.

Most businesses now use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok and many more to connect with their audience to build their brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic. This kind of digital marketing can adopt paid or organic tactics to reach business goals.

With Display Ads you can promote your business to a global audience of internet users browsing through Video Platforms, Email Platforms, Websites, or using mobile devices and apps.

Google Display Network alone, reaches 90% of Internet users worldwide, across millions of websites, news pages, blogs, and Google platforms like Gmail and YouTube.

Your website is the entry point of your customers even if you have a physical space and should be the focal point of your digital marketing efforts. We are masters at giving your visitors an engaging experience on all screen sizes and creating an assertive first impression, while also giving you high business goal conversions using the latest and most appropriate technologies.


Trust Our Creative & Critical Thinking Experience Garnered Over A Decade.

Bubenwosu is a multi-dimensional creative agency offering strategy and digital design services. We simply exist to design, develop and promote successful brand experiences through tested traditional and digital mediums.

Our expertise cuts across various industries and our solutions cover Business Process Automation, Brand Strategy & Design, Brand Communication, 2D and 3D Animation, Mobile & Web Development, and Digital Marketing just to mention a few.


We thrive on trusted partnerships and lasting client relationships - Startups, Corporate Organizations, Visionaries, Artists, Non-Profits.

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Client Reviews

I have worked with Bubenwosu for over five years now. They have seen me through the successful launch of three brands and the relaunch of one company. I can't possibly think of a better team to handle a brand development project. The creativity, patience and excellence at what they do. I couldn't think of a better firm to trust with my brand. 
Founder, Omaka by Omaa
My experience working with Bubenwosu has been great. The team is very easy to work with and always willing to help while also being extremely patient. My working relationship is still on going and so far I have no complaints. They deliver tasks on time, take corrections and deliver final product with no issues. I’d definitely recommend working with them.
Founder, Ziva Lagos

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