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Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning is the distinctive position your brand holds in the mind of its target audience.

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Client’s often ask, what is Positioning and why does it matter?

Brand positioning is the distinctive position your brand holds in the mind of its target audience, and it matters because strategic positioning is responsible for your brand equity. Brand equity refers to the value premium a company generates from a product with a recognizable name when compared to a generic equivalent.

Ever wondered why a Rolex costs significantly more than its peers? That’s right, Positioning.

Elements of a Positioning Strategy

Is your organization in need of winning positioning strategy and implementation that uniquely and profitably sets it apart in the marketplace?

I have worked with Bubenwosu for over five years now. They have seen me through the successful launch of three brands and the relaunch of one company. I can't possibly think of a better team to handle a brand development project. The creativity, patience and excellence at what they do. I couldn't think of a better firm to trust with my brand. 
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